Touch Football (Atlanta)


League Details Below


How Does It Work?

It's 8-on-8, 5 men and 3 women on the field at all times.  It's no contact, 2-hand touch football.  And we keep it exciting for everyone on the team through our three divisions (Sorta Players, Casual, and Extremely Casual) and our “female as a primary player” rule.  We use the Nike Spiral Tech 1000 Youth Football.

What's the Cost and What's Involved?

Early/regular registration will open February 6th/February 23rd and close February 22nd/March 9th, or earlier if the league sells out. League fees are $700/$800 for a team of 15 players ($35 for each additional player over 15 - no limit to number of players on your roster) and $70/$80 for individuals (we'll get everyone on a team). ZogSports  donates a percentage of our profit to charity.

Fee Includes:

  • 7 games
  • A heart-wrenching single elimination playoff tournament (50% of teams qualify)
  • Organized Happy Hours at local bars after the game
  • Field fees
  • One head referee/game
  • One t-shirt per person on the roster
  • Equipment
  • "Prize Money" from our sponsors donated to the winning team's charity of choice
  • League administration

When Does It Start and When Are the Games?

  • League starts Saturday, March 17th
  • Games will be played on Saturdays between 1:00-6:00pm

Where Are We Playing?

Games will take place on the north soccer field at Piedmont Park.

What Are the Rules?

This is a fun, recreational touch football league, so we want everyone to play, stay involved, and stay safe.  The key rules are:

  • 8-on-8, no more than 5 men and no less than 3 woman on the field at all times
  • No contact, 2-hand touch
  • 2 completions for a first down
  • Limit of 3 "earned" first downs per drive
  • A woman must be a "Primary Player" within 3 consecutive plays
  • Scoring - 6 points for touchdowns and your decision to go for 1- or 2-point conversion

What Are the Levels of Play?

  • SORTA PLAYERS - Pretty good athlete, maybe played competitive sports in high school or college.  Leave it all out on the field while still having a good time.
  • CASUAL - Decent athlete?  Looking to have fun with friends or meet new people?  This is the division for you.  
  • EXTREMELY CASUAL - Not completely sure how the complicated game of football works?   This division is for beginners looking to get out there and have some fun.

ZogSports will try to accommodate all team and individual player requests for division, but we cannot guarantee all requests.