What is ZogSports?

ZogSports is the co-ed recreational league that delivers the best mix of sports and social.

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  • New To Zog?

    What sports does ZogSports offer?
    ZogSports offers all kinds of team sports to suit your fancy. Click the CHOOSE A SPORT in the header to see all of your options!
    Who is the typical Zogger?

    The typical Zogger is a young professional in his/her 20s to early 40s.  Some of our participants played sports in college while others have no sports experience, aside from a vague recollection of playing hopscotch in elementary school.

    People play ZogSports because they want to participate in something fun, convenient and social. We have multiple skill levels in every league, so regardless of your sports aptitude, we’ll place you with the right people to ensure you have a great time hanging out, being active and giving back.

    Is there an age minimum/maximum?

    Due to our weekly post-game happy hours, participants must be at least 21 years old. 

    There is no age maximum, but we expect all of our participants to be young at heart, or at least have functional knees.

    Do I need to be a good athlete to participate? What if I’ve never played before?

    It sucks to feel like you’re not “good enough” to participate. At ZogSports, we promise that will never be an issue! Thanks to our four different levels of play (Extremely Casual, Casual, Sorta Players and Players) everyone can participate in any of our leagues.

    If you have any other questions or concerns, drop us an email or contact a League Manager.

    How do the Levels of Play work? How do I know what level to sign up for?

    There are four different levels of play: Extremely Casual, Casual, Sorta Players and Players.

    Extremely Casual: You’re happy to give it your best shot, but you’re really here to work your game at happy hour.

    Casual: You have a drop of competitiveness in your blood and it’ll show on the court. Whether you win or lose, you don’t care, just as long as there’s a rematch over a friendly game of flip cup.

    High Casual: You want to have fun, you like the competition, but you're not quite ready to commit to "Sorta Players" yet.

    Sorta Players: You love to play and you love to socialize. A perfect balance of sport and social.

    Players: You’re in it to win it. Whether you want a consistent time to ball every week or just want to stay in shape, we’ll make sure that the competition is good enough to keep your skills fresh.

    I haven't played sports for a long time. Can I still join?


    In fact, we require that you play immediately. Create an account, browse our leagues and get out there!

    We’ll wait…

    How is ZogSports different from other city/corporate leagues?

    Comparing ZogSports to the other leagues is like comparing oranges and bowling balls – both can roll, but one is a whole lot sweeter.

    At ZogSports, our staff goes through intensive training to ensure that our games are run with consistent professionalism and fun.

    Our staff is receptive to your feedback and comments. The #1 priority of ZogSports is to bring people together and create community while having fun. Every day, our team is working to achieve that goal.

    All of our teams play for charity. It’s about balancing a love for sport and being social with a desire to give back and improve our community.

    It’s no accident that we’re the nation’s largest co-ed, social sports league—play one season with us and we’re confident you’ll be convinced.

    How can I try out ZogSports to see if I like it?

    Contact a League Manager to find out if there are any games going on that you can check out to get a better feel for the league.

    Plus, we occasionally offer one day tournaments and trial events which are a perfect way to experience ZogSports before committing to a full season.

    What if I can't make every game? Can I still play?

    ZogSports doesn’t have an attendance policy, but we do encourage you to make as many games as you can.  We create rosters large enough so that if a few people miss each game, the team will have enough players to play comfortably.

    Remember, we want to make it easy for you to have fun, so if you have to miss a game or two, no sweat! Just make sure you let your team know ahead of time.

    Do I have to pay when I register?

    Your registration is not complete until we receive payment.  We fill our leagues, trips and events on a first-paid basis, so most of our participants pay when they register.  

    If you are unable to pay during registration, your activity will be in “My Activities” in the “Unfinished Registrations” section and you can complete it the next time you sign in.

    I've registered and paid. Now what?

    You can expect to receive more information via email before your team’s scrimmage or first game.

    In the meantime, start stretching and contact the League Manager if you have any questions!

    We’re excited to see you out there!

    What's the ZogSports refund policy?
    ZogSports will provide a full refund any time up to two weeks prior to the commencement of any league/event. Up until one week prior to the commencement of the league/event, ZogSports will offer a credit for future ZogSports activities. Within one week of the commencement of a league/event, ZogSports will not be able to offer any refunds (unless otherwise stated on league/event page).

    Please note, for full teams we can only refund the team purchaser.  We cannot refund individual roster members of a full team.
  • Leagues

    Where do games take place?

    ZogSports leagues play at a variety of fields and gyms throughout the city. Your specific game locations will depend on the league in which you’re registered. The fields/gyms are listed under “Game Locations” on the bottom of the activity page.

    It should come as no surprise that field and gym space is scarce. With a high demand for limited space, we do the best we can to get the best playing locations in the city.  Despite certain constraints which are out of our control (damn you waning daylight!), we are committed to providing you with the best fields and gyms possible so your ZogSports experience will be top notch.

    Where can I find directions to the fields/gyms?
    A link to our Field & Gym Information can be found in the footer of the website.
    When do games take place?
    Game schedules vary by league. Some basic schedule information can be found on the league details page. Once you're registered, you'll see your schedule by clicking MY ACTIVITIES.
    When does registration open?

    Specific registration dates are posted about a month ahead of time, but in general registration opens up as follows:

    Winter – Early November

    Spring – Mid January

    Summer – Mid April

    Fall – Late July

    Where do I find details for a specific sport?

    Click the CHOOSE A SPORT in the header. Click on any sport and you’ll see which leagues are open for registration.

    You can send our staff your questions on every sport page.

    Can I request specific times, days or locations?
    We want everyone to have a positive experience and we try to divvy up all game times and locations equally among the teams.  If your team has a special situation— wedding, charity event, expedition to the Arctic, etc.— please let us know when you register and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.
    The league I want to play in is sold out. Is there a waitlist?


    If you register after a league fills up, you’ll be placed on the waitlist. If a player drops out, or the league expands, we will invite waitlisted people to play, on a first-come, first-served basis.

    To be placed on the waitlist, complete the registration process online.  We will contact you when a spot becomes available.

    What happens if the weather is crappy?

    Until our top-secret weather satellite is finished, we will continue to be powerless to the whims and fancies of the weather gods.

    The postponement policy for inclement weather varies from sport to sport.  For outdoor sports, we will play in almost any weather except a hurricane or lightning or if the particular facility does not allow us to play.  In the event of dangerous conditions, cancellations will be posted on our weather alert page on our homepage. 

    The Weather Alert Hotline (in the website footer) can provide you with an updated rainout status.

    When/where is team shirt pick up?

    Owning a ZogSports t-shirt is a rite of passage. Every member of your team will receive a ZogSports t-shirt in your team’s color.  One representative from your team needs to come pick up your shirts during designated days and times, which will be emailed to you by the League Manager.

    You can find our office location in the website footer.

    Who are your referees?
    All of our referees are well-trained, fun-loving, sociable young professionals who have a passion for sports and fun. We rely on our staff to be ZogSports ambassadors and therefore take our hiring process very seriously.
    How can I become a referee?
    We are always looking to expand the ZogSports roster! If you think you would make a good fit, be in touch!
    Why do you ask teams to provide volunteer referees for some sports?
    For some of our leagues we require teams to provide one or two referees to support the head referee.  This helps the games run smoother and increases interaction amongst teams. Plus, by having the volunteer referees, we are able to make league fees significantly more affordable.
  • Do I Need a Team?

    Can I play if I don't have a full team?
    Yes!  Just register as a free agent and we’ll place you on a team with other awesome folks. If you’re new to the city, looking to meet that special someone or just trying to make new friends, this is the best way to do it!
    How do I sign up with my friends?
    If you and your friends register as free agents and request to be together we will place you on the same team. (If you’re feeling generous, you can pay for your friends, as well.)
    My friend wants to play. Can they just show up and join my team?
    Nah. Everyone playing must register through the ZogSports website and fill out a waiver every season.  Due to unfortunate legal ramifications, any team playing with non-rostered players will receive a forfeit and possible removal from the league. That’s right, we mean business!
    I signed up as a free agent. How do I know who is on my team?

    At least a week before your season begins, we will post the rosters and send you an email reminder.


    To view your teammates’ contact information, log in to your ZogSports account, click MY ACTIVITIES, and then click TEAM from the drop down menu. When you find your team, click on TEAM DETAILS to see your roster.

    We recommend starting a team email chain to get to know each other, take a head count for the first game and figure out who will pick up the team shirts.

  • My Account

    Do I have to create an account?

    You will need to create an account to registering for a league or trip and to sign the waiver. Plus, your schedules and team roster are only accessible by signing in.

    You can create an account with the Create an Account link at the top of the page (top right), or you will be prompted to create an account when you register for your first ZogSports league.

    I created an account, but I don’t see my team in "My Activities"

    To see your registrations: Log in, click MY ACTIVITIES in the header and then select TEAM from the dropdown menu.

    If you don't see your team, then most likely your captain signed you up under a different email address than the one you used to create your account.   Check with your captain and then if you need to merge accounts, you can do that in your profile (hover over your name in the header and select Profile).

    Not the issue? Get in touch with us.

    I don’t remember if I have an account!
    Alright, alright. Stop yelling. We will sort this out.

    Click Sign In (top right of website) and click the Forgot Password link.  If you have an account in our system it will send a temporary password to your email so that you can access your account.  If you haven’t created an account, it will prompt you to do so.
    How do I update my information?
    Log in to your account, click your name and select “Profile” from the dropdown menu. There you can edit your email address, home address, name and phone number. This page will also give you the opportunity to add your company, school affiliation or add a second email address.
    How do I change the email address associated with my ZogSports account?

    See above on how to edit account information.  After you sign in to your account and change your primary email, it will become the new email user name you use to sign in to your ZogSports account. 

    Your password will stay the same (unless you change that too).

    ZogSports currently sends information to two, or more, of my email addresses. How can I merge my accounts?

    At some point, you (or one of your captains) entered more than one email address for you.  In order to merge your multiple email accounts into one primary account, please follow these step by step instructions. All of your previous and current activities will still be visible.

    1. Log into the ZogSports account that you would like to be your primary account

    2. Click your name and select "Profile” from the dropdown.

    3. Click edit in the section above your contact information.

    4. On the bottom of the page, there will be a place to add the alternate email addresses that you would like to merge into your primary account. Add them, and click “Update.”

    5. You will then receive an email to the address that you would no longer like to be your primary account. Click the link in the email, which will re-route you back to your ZogSports account page. Confirm that you would like to merge the accounts by clicking the appropriate link.

    6. If the account(s) you would like to merge is no longer an active email address, please send us an email with the subject line “Merge Multiple Email Addresses”

    7. Crack open a cold one and Zog on!

  • Happy Hour

    Do I have to go to the bar after games?
    Aside from paying taxes, you don’t have to do anything (although showering would be commendable). That being said, we strongly encourage you to attend your post-game happy hours. The environment at the happy hour is extremely social and fun. It’s the best place to meet players on other teams and engage in some friendly bar games. If you pop your head into a ZogSports happy hour, you’ll see people playing flip cup, beer pong and chatting with each other. We know you’ll be convinced after your first week.
    Why are there OFFICIAL ZogSports Happy Hour bars?

    ZogSports has negotiated deals with our official happy hour bars so that 100% of the bar donations go towards our end of season charity awards. Therefore, the more you eat and drink at that bar, the more we can donate at the season’s end. Plus, our official happy hour bars have weekly drink specials for ZogSports teams.

    If you go to another bar, you won’t be contributing to the charity pool, you won’t get the drink specials and you won’t get the chance to meet other ZogSports teams! It would pretty much be the worst decision of your life.

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