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Devin Shields-Mas


Standing tall at a staggering 6’7” Devin is said to be among the tallest walks of life never to lace up kicks for an NBA franchise. However, his athletic prowess and contributions cannot go unnoticed as Devin enjoyed a storied Little League and backyard stickball career.

As Devin grew in height so did his legacy and to this day he is still understandably mistaken for the LeBrons and Wades of today’s game. On a less serious note, Devin graduated from NYU with a degree in Sports Business and is exceptionally prone to concussions and tripping over first base. While Devin never played for his hometown Knicks he currently holds an undefeated record in beer pong and is widely considered a sharp shooter from 3 feet beyond the table.

Devin is currently accepting offers to join YOUR basketball team and hopes to publicize “The Decision” on national TV by summers end. The tall and elusive Long Islander has sharpened his skills and trained vigorously to manage successful leagues in both basketball and floor hockey. Look for the Empire State Building on legs at the Zog happy hour bar or catch him on the field.




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