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At the heart of the ZogSports ethos is the principle of giving back to our DC community. That's why every team plays on behalf of charity and at the end of the season, ZogSports donates 10% of our net proceeds to charities selected by winning teams' charities. 

If you are looking for an opportunity to volunteer in Washington DC, let us know and we will help set you up with an organization that would love the assistance of some committed Zoggers. Likewise, we would love to have you join us when we partner with community events throughout the year. ZogSports is committed to making it easy for young professionals to get together, play sports and give back to their communities. It's our commitment to this cause, and our players' support of this endeavor, which has made us the nation's largest charity-oriented, co-ed social sports league. 

Welcome to ZogSports, we're excited to welcome you into our community and look forward to the opportunities where we can partner up to help improve Washington DC!