DC Basketball

Looking for an adult basketball league? Search no further! ZogSports runs Washington DC's best-organized recreational basketball league for adults. What sets us apart from the other DC basketball leagues? Our referees are trained, our participants are cool, our happy hour bars are excited to see us and all of our teams play on behalf of charity!

With both Men's Basketball Leagues, as well as Co-Ed Basketball Leagues, there's something for everyone. From the former college athlete, to the occasional intramural sports player to the "I feel like a baller when I make the long shot into the garbage can" player, we'll make sure you're placed in the right division to ensure that you have a great time.

Need a team? No problem. Register as an individual, and we'll place you on a team with other individuals--it's the best way to meet new people and make friends. If you have a few buddies you want to play with, list their email addresses when you register and we'll be sure you're on the same team. Finally, if you purchase an entire team, you'll receive the cheapest price per player.

Welcome to ZogSports, DC's favorite co-ed, social sports league!