on-3 Basketball Men's (DC) - Monday

  • Season: Winter 13
  • Start Date: January 28, 2013
  • Locations: DC Metro
  • Rules: Click here for rules
  • Contact:  Email Rob 
  • Other: 

    Rosters of full team registrations don't need to be finalized until start of regular season!

League Details Below



  • 3-on-3
  • 3 team round robin
  • Each team plays four 10-minute matches per game (play each other team twice)
  • We allot 75 minutes to play all matches. No overtime
  • 6 regular season games (50% of teams qualify for the playoffs)
  • There will likely be two divisions: 1 Competitive (choose Players) & 1 Casual (choose Casual). Select Sorta Players if you are okay with either division


The official game schedule does not come out until registration is over, but here is a sneak peak at what you can expect:

  • Teams play once a week on Mondays
  • Games start between 7:00pm and 9:30pm and last up to 75-minutes
  • Your team's start time will vary each week. We try our best to create a balanced schedule for all teams based on the gym permits we receive
  • Games will begin around Monday, January 28th


We work very hard to get permits at the best available gyms in DC. This season we plan to play games at:

  • Francis-Stevens Middle School (2425 N St NW). Located off the Foggy Bottom metro (Blue/Orange) or Dupont Circle metro (Red)

Please be aware that game times, locations and dates mentioned above are a very good guideline, but may change slightly.


PLAYERS - Good athletes with a solid grasp of the rules

SORTA PLAYERS - Pretty good athletes who play some pick-up basketball every now and then. Okay with being placed in PLAYERS or CASUAL

CASUAL - Average athlete who likes to play some basketball, but out there more to have fun

ZogSports will try to accommodate all team and individual player requests for Level of Play, but cannot guarantee all requests.  We will not place an individual player on a team with other people that registered more than one level (above or below) his/her registration level.  In order to create the best possible experience for the whole league ZogSports will place returning teams in the division we feel most appropriate.