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ZogSports is the co-ed recreational league that delivers the best mix of sports and social.

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  • Is ZogSports Right for Me?

    Only ZogSports makes sure you and your team get the level of competition you want, well-trained field team, and great facilities.

    I am a Team Captain

    "Being captain of my kickball team feels like it's my birthday party every week! Friends of mine from all walks of life come together to play kickball and the best part is that we are now spending more time together on and off the field."

    Dave C.
    Philadelphia / Kickball

    Why ZogSports is right for you

    Your team will strengthen existing friendships and meet dozens of new people every week, both on the field and at post-game happy hours. We make sure your team enjoys the level of competition you want, well-trained refs and great facilities. Have a special request? Let us know!


    I am new to town

    "I was hesitant because I've never played any organized sports, am not in great shape, and know only general football rules. I signed up for Touch Football as "extremely casual." Perfect fit! I found that other players were inclusive and there to have fun."

    Mia S.
    Los Angeles / Football

    Why ZogSports is right for you

    Through the perfect mix of sports and social, Zog gives you the chance to meet dozens of people every week, both on the field and at post-game happy hours. There's something about being on a team that lets you form deep, lasting friendships.


    I am not sure what to play

    "Zog is the best league for meeting new people and having fun. There is a competitive level for everyone. You can be a complete beginner or a college player and still get a lot out of the Zog leagues."

    Ian Q.
    Washington DC / Soccer

    Why ZogSports is right for you

    Whether you're looking to meet new people, miss playing your sport, or just want a fun way to give back, we have something for you! We'd love to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Throughout our site you can chat, email, or give us a call, and a friendly humanoid in your city will be happy to answer your question.


    I am signing up with a few friends

    "I originally signed up with my roommate knowing no one else, and now I have a whole bunch of great friends who I see all the time. The league is fun and highly organized, which means all you have to do is show up, PLAY, and HAVE FUN! And of course, don't forget to go to the bar afterwards to hang out with your team and meet people from other teams. Zog is great at responding to any questions or issues that may come up at games" And don't forget, some of the money goes towards charity."

    Matthew S.
    New York City / Soccer

    Why ZogSports is right for you

    List your friends when you register and we guarantee that we'll place you on the same team, along with other like-minded free agents of a similar skill level.


    I am interested in planning an office event

    "I was impressed with the attention to detail and follow up from Zog as we planned the activities for our company picnic. From start to finish they took the work off my plate and suggested new ways to make the event exciting for everyone. Everyone I met on the Zog team was energetic and helped transfer their excitement to our employees."

    Celeste H.
    Regional Office Manager / Indeed

    Why ZogSports is right for you

    We know how hard it is to keep your employees happy. ZogSports partners with hundreds of companies every year to improve their active employee engagement and company culture through our Corporate Events. Learn More >


    I am sick of other leagues' disorganization

    "We play on conveniently located fields, the refs are always on time, and the competition is pretty equal across the board. This has been a great way to meet new people, stay active and have fun. In addition to all of this, they donate to a charity of our choice at the end of the season!"

    Christa S.
    Washington DC / Football

    Why ZogSports is right for you

    Tired of not knowing when and where you're playing next? You'll never have that issue with us. RELIABLE is one of our Core Values and our focus on organization is a primary way we differentiate ourselves. Only ZogSports makes sure you and your team get the level of competition you want, well-trained on-field personnel, and consistent communications from our caring staff.

The New York Times Logo - ZogSports

"Fun is certainly more important than ability, but the competitive spirit has been known to kick in."

Shape Logo - ZogSports

"Aside from being extremely fun, the fitness benefits are at the top of a long list of reasons to get on the roster."

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It's a great way to get out and socialize and meet new people.

Elena M.

New York / Social Sampler

They have high standards in contributing as much fun and excitement toward all the players and games.

Sonny T.

New York / Bowling

The environment is full of people there to have fun and make friends!

Kelsey R.

New York / Bowling

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