April 24th:

All Kickball, Softball and Sand Volleyball games are cancelled tonight.


For football and soccer, we will play in almost any weather except a hurricane or lightning. Sleet or mist or dark of night won't stop us, right? 

For softball the ZogSports office will determine by one and a half hours before game time whether or not to cancel a game for that evening. At that time we will update the ZogSports weather alert hotline and update our website (for weekday games only) to reflect information for that evening so please be sure to check periodically for updates. Should the weather take a sudden turn for the worst, it will be up to the discretion of the umpire on the field whether or not to play, cancel, or postpone the start/continuation of the game. If you are playing on a turf field please keep in mind that if it rains earlier in the day your game is still likely to take place and on a grass/dirt field the field might not be playable due to rain a day or two prior to your game.