All leagues are on as scheduled


For all NJ Leagues, please check the weather hotline(201-298-6967) and this page periodically for game updates!

PLEASE NOTE:  If this page has not been updated, all games are on as scheduled.

ZogSports NJ will update this page prior to game time if the inclement weather will stop scheduled games from being played.  We will do our best to get as many games in as possible.  The ZogSports NJ Weather Alert Hotline (201-298-6967) can provide you with an up to the minute rainout status.

The hotline and homepage will only be updated if there will be a cancellation.  If they do not reflect news regarding that specific evening’s games, it should be assumed that all games are still on as scheduled.


For football and soccer, we will play in almost any weather except a hurricane or lightning.  Sleet, mist or dark of night won't stop us, right?