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WEATHER UPDATE FOR Thursday, April 6th - 1:42pm

SOFTBALL at Roosevelt Island and Frederick Douglass Park is CANCELLED       

KICKBALL at Roosevelt Island and Robert Moses Playground is CANCELLED                  

All other ZogSports activities and events are ON AS SCHEDULED 

If there are any changes, this page will be updated and teams will be notified immediately.  

We apologize for any inconvenience. Please check this webpage for further updates.

Your League Manager will contact you if there is a change in status and to schedule your make-up games within the next week. 


The ZogSports office will do its best to determine as early as possible whether or not to postpone a game for the evening. Please note that we do not postpone games due to the chance of precipitation. We will do out best to notify your team of any postponements via email whenever possible, but since postponing weather may occur after our business hours and on the weekends, we recommend you check this page and/or the weather alert hotline if you are concerned.

Postponement Policy by Surface/Sport:
For Football and Soccer, we will play in almost any weather except a hurricane or lightning. Some of the most memorable moments are played in the rain and snow.

Synthetic Turf (Kickball, Softball, and Wiffle Ball) - Please keep in mind that if it rains earlier in the day, but clears for game time, your game will likely take place.

Blacktop (Kickball, Outdoor Basketball, and Wiffle Ball) - If it rains earlier in the day, but stops with enough time for the blacktop to dry, we 
will be able to play. 

Grass/Dirt (Kickball, Softball, and Wiffle Ball) - Light rain will not postpone games. However heavy rain will postpone games. It is also possible that heavy rain a day or two before your scheduled game might leave the fields unplayable.

Should the weather take a sudden turn for the worst, it will be up to the discretion of the umpire/referee on the field/court whether or not to play, cancel, or postpone the start/continuation of the game.