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The Zog Team

Meet the ZogSports team!  Here's where you can learn about our full-time staff (yes, we have a full-time staff!).  We take our jobs and our fun very seriously and we hope to get to know you at the fields, gyms and happy hours.

Click our names to the left to learn a little about us.  We'll quiz you at the fields.

Rob Herzog

Robert "Zog" Herzog is the man behind the curtain. He founded ZogSports after having a close call on 9/11.  After arriving late for work, he witnessed his office, which was located on the 96th floor of World Trade Center Tower #1, being directly hit by the first plane.  Rob decided to build on the tremendous human charity he witnessed following 9/11 and to help foster community in New York by creating ZogSports, which encourages New Yorkers to maintain perspective and a more balanced lifestyle by having fun while also giving something back to the community.  Click here to read the letter that Rob wrote to all of our customers on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.  Robert holds an MBA in Entrepreneurial Management from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and a BA in Economics from Brown University.

When he's not priming ZogSports to take over the world, Rob enjoys hanging with his wife Laurin and their two little Zogs, Spencer and Jackson.  In fact, Rob says his lifetime sports highlight was meeting Laurin even while getting mercy-ruled in a citywide softball tournament (she played 2nd base and he was at short) then shooting an 84 on a very tough golf course and finally coincidentally seeing Laurin again at a party that night.  Rob dropped the line: "Oooh, you clean up nice!" on her and the rest is history.  In his spare time from organizing this massive operation, Rob can be found making cameos at the fields and gyms, getting down at ZogSports parties, and boogying to 80s tunes in his office.

Teams & Titles
(Championship Seasons)

Coed Basketball
- Hittori Honzu Steals (SP12, FA11, FA10, WI10), Double Dribble (SP07)

Mens Basketball - White Chocolate (WI10 runner-up, FA07 runner-up)

Dodgeball - Repeat Offenders (FA06)

Kickball - Ghostface Kickaz,
Repeat Offenders (SU06, SU07)

Football - Flying Pink Popped Collars (SU11, WI11 runner-up, FA10, SP08, WI08),
Babaganoush (SP06)

Brandon Bitterman

Though he was raised on the mean hippy streets of Woodstock, NY, Brandon Bitterman decided at an early age to trade in his hemp onesie for a cow-hide baseball mitt.  Brandon’s love of sports began in 1986, when he donned a red wig while attending Rusty Staub day at Shea Stadium.  A couple months later at the tender age of six, he was able to recite the entire New York Mets 25-man championship roster, as “the ball gets by Buckner.”  He later honed a passion and skill for basketball and by the age of 18, this multi-sport star had gathered trophies (and ribbons) for baseball, soccer, swimming and ping pong.  Yes, ping pong. He graduated from Ithaca College in 2002 and moved to New York City in 2003.  A year later he received his Masters from Columbia University, but more importantly accepted an invitation to join a touch football team in a league called ZogSports.  He has since earned 11 championships across other ZogSports leagues, leading to his [self-appointed] nickname, “The Bo Jackson of ZogSports.”  In the summer of 2007, Brandon accepted the position of League Manager at ZogSports, running the newly formed Queens leagues, Touch Football and Basketball in Manhattan.  In 2010 he began working as the General Manager of New York.  When he’s not sporting a classic ZogSports t-shirt or sweatshirt, Brandon enjoys the great outdoors, pretending he’s a hip hop legend and traveling around the world.  Brandon is a Leo vegetarian.  If you see him at the bar, try not to feed him wings. 


Wiffle Ball - Hit Or Get Off The Pot (Runner-up), Get Your Cat Out Of My Blender (Champs)

Dodgeball – At Least We Can Drink, Jodi's Team, Not Jodi's Team

Bowling – Unholy Rollers

Softball – Christie’s Team, Flamboyant Mousse-Stashes, We All Met On Tinder, Tinder Babies, Jodi's Team, Mooooooose!!, Rollie Fingers' Mustache

Football - The Locked Out Players, There's Something Brown On My Shirt

Volleyball - Six Pack

Soccer - S.P.R.I.N.T




Mike Mortellaro

Mike began his ZogSports career on “At Least We Can Drink”, a dodgeball team that defined the opposite of undefeated. This Port Jefferson native soon learned his real calling is as a wiffle ball pitcher, a career that began as the #1 starter on “Hit Or Get Off The Pot”. His world famous changeup is affectionately known as the “Mortball”, a knee buckling changeup that makes even the best Zog wiffleballer wish they had not gotten up that morning. He even taught Stephen Strasburg his changeup based on the mechanics of the Mortball. While he’s dabbled in softball and bowling, he’s better known for post frame dancing and chest bumps than strikes on the 2 time defending non-champion “Unholy Rollers”. He’s also an avid Jets fan, golfer and skier. This Cornell University grad holds an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and is especially prone to mosquito bites. Mike and his wife Nicole are obsessed with lions, leopards, and cheetahs after their honeymoon in South Aftrica.  He shares the same birthday as his sister and has ordered more food via seamless web than any other human and can clap vigorously with one hand. He’s also one of the best mini-ping pong players in the world, and if you disagree he just may throw a Mortball your way.  

Teams & Titles
(Championship Seasons)

Late Spring/Summer Softball
 - Baby Carrots (SU14)

Devin Shields-Mas

Sports: Basketball & Floor Hockey

Standing tall at a staggering 6’7” Devin is said to be among the tallest walks of life never to lace up kicks for an NBA franchise. However, his athletic prowess and contributions cannot go unnoticed as Devin enjoyed a storied Little League and backyard stickball career.

As Devin grew in height so did his legacy and to this day he is still understandably mistaken for the LeBrons and Wades of today’s game. On a less serious note, Devin graduated from NYU with a degree in Sports Business and is exceptionally prone to concussions and tripping over first base. While Devin never played for his hometown Knicks he currently holds an undefeated record in beer pong and is widely considered a sharp shooter from 3 feet beyond the table.

Devin is currently accepting offers to join YOUR basketball team and hopes to publicize “The Decision” on national TV by summers end. The tall and elusive Long Islander has sharpened his skills and trained vigorously to manage successful leagues in both basketball and floor hockey. Look for the Empire State Building on legs at the Zog happy hour bar or catch him on the field.

Teams & Titles

Football - Flying Pink Popped Collars (WI Tournament 2012, SU11, WI11 runner-up, FA10)

Dodgeball - C U Next Tuesday

Kickball - Kickin It Oldschool

Wiffleball - Wiffersnappers


Danielle Casey

Sports: Queens and Indoor/Outdoor Soccer

Danielle has always had a passion for sports and joined her first soccer team (called “The Red Hot Chili Peppers”) at the age of 6. Although she dabbled in other sports throughout the years, including basketball, softball, tennis, cross-country and crew, soccer has always been her passion. Danielle was captain of the Swarthmore College Women’s Soccer Team and after graduating in 2008, went through organized sports withdrawal. Luckily, just a few short months after moving to NYC, one of her coworkers invited her to play on his touch football team and she’s been Zogging with the “Flying Pink Popped Collars” ever since. You may have also seen her dipping and dodging in the Queens dodgeball league or “Kickin it Oldschool” in the Queens kickball league. Danielle was a back-to-back coed beer pong champion at Swarthmore College, so it’s not uncommon to find her at a table after the games taking on new challengers. Be warned, she is a stickler for the rules, so you better drink all that beer before taking your shot against her. When Danielle isn’t Zogging or watching sports on TV, she enjoys traveling as often as possible, going out to eat delicious food, and catching an occasional Broadway show. Danielle is a Virgo carnivore and will eat any of the chicken wings you try to feed Brandon. 

Tori Belkin

Tori has been preparing for her role as “Fun Coordinator” at ZogSports since almost giving her parents a heart attack by practically being switched at birth in North Conway, NH. (If you want the full story, you’ll have to join a bowling league.)

She has spent the better part of her past fourteen summers at a small summer camp on Lake Ossipee in Freedom, NH where she could be seen swimming, canoeing, playing Quidditch, and attempting to break the chicken nugget eating record…until discovering she has a gluten allergy.

Eventually, Tori surpassed the legal age limit of being a camper, so she spent the next three summers working as a Sports field Counselor (nine sessions in all, a camp record). After this stint of legendry, Tori decided it was time to take the leap into the Program Director position where she was in charge of managing fun for campers and counselors alike. As you probably already know, this included the now infamous camp-wide safari, where everyone went on the hunt for animals indigenous to New Hampshire (including, but not limited to, unicorns, narwhals, and ligers).  

During her sophomore year of college, Tori decided to follow her passion for fun-making by studying Recreation Management and Policy (i.e., fun and drinking games) at the University of New Hampshire. No really, one of her textbooks has a chapter featuring the sociality and camaraderie of drinking games. She would be happy to give a demonstration at your next happy hour.

Matthew Kemp

Matthew is a Brooklynite and was somewhat of a miracle baby, only given a 50% chance to live and a 25% chance to live without any intellectual disabilities. Some would say the jury is still out on the latter.  

After years of playing stoop ball on his front steps, Matthew was allowed off the block at age 10 where he started his storied sponge ball career at the schoolyard two blocks away.  Finally joining an organized sports league in 8th grade, Matthew went on to play baseball and football in high school and eventually was suckered into joining the high school bowling team.  Matthew still plays baseball as a weekend warrior and soccer and softball as a weeknight warrior. 

When not playing in every league his friends peer pressure him to join, Matthew has pursued many careers from male modeling to baseball scouting. He eventually landed in the sports industry spending time at multiple minor-league franchises and a local sports complex.  Matthew is the ZogSports Brooklyn expert and will help the outer boroughs grow faster than a tree ever grew in Brooklyn!

Anastasia Gonzalez

Anastasia "The Hammer" Gonzalez is a Queens native, with a knack for folding t-shirts and a passion for the dark arts. She came of age in a simpler time, when the air was fresh and gas cheap. By the time she learned to walk at the age of 13, Anastasia was already a well-cultured NYC sports fan living in a complicated sports world. During her more active years, you could find Anastasia screaming like a lunatic at Jets games or bawling maniacally watching her beloved New York Metropolitans.

After years of cutting her teeth in New York, Anastasia stowed aboard a ferryboat to cross the mighty Hudson River. She started a new life in a new town called New Milford situated in the great state of New Jersey... but that's old news. Due to a court order we can't tell you what happened next but we can divulge that once high school was finished, Anastasia attended Fairleigh Dickinson University where she studied Sports Administration.

As you may have read in the National Inquirer, Anastasia spent four years working for the Disney Store, spent a summer working for the New Jersey Jackals and was once married to an alien. In October, Anastasia began interning full time at ZogSports and after conquering the Super Aggro Crag, Anastasia became ZogSports' first former-intern-turned-full-time-assistant-league-manager. As New York’s Assistant League Manager, Anastasia is responsible for administering the charity process, locating and assessing awesome new field space and training all of our staff in Krav Maga. Anastasia is super excited about her new position and is looking forward to contributing to the growth of ZogSports.

Lauren Fraser

Competition has been engraved in Lauren since she was a wee little nugget of a human. Whether it was intense games of Scrabble with her family, being high hook on fishing trips, or ensuring that her parents never had another child, she always tried to be the best. Growing up, Lauren was encouraged to try as many sports and activities as she wanted.  After giving karate, swimming, tennis, dance, ice skating, gymnastics, and basketball a whirl, she finally settled for softball, where she found a passion for pitching. She began Little League at age seven and by the time she was a 7th grader, she’d made the varsity softball team. (She was never tested for PEDs.)


Lauren’s determination to succeed continued throughout her time at Quinnipiac University.  After just three short years she unintentionally graduated a year early.  Leaving behind the parties, friends and fun, Lauren entered the real world as a recruiter where she helped connect people to jobs.  It was during this time that Lauren realized she wanted to go to work every day knowing she was making a positive impact on people’s lives. Thus, it came as no surprise when Lauren spent the next few years working for a paper company exporting the raw material to make baby diapers in Turkey, North Africa, and Italy.


Yup. You read that right.  If you’re a Turkish baby, you have Lauren to thank for your diaper.


In 2014, Lauren moved to the city and wanted to meet new people. She happened to stumble across a blog that raved about ZogSports and before she knew it, Lauren was spending her nights in Central Park playing kickball and killing it at beer pong and slap cup.  She quickly became a ZogSports enthusiast and signed up for dodgeball and volleyball, as well. As luck would have it, this road led to a full time position as the Sports Leagues and Facility Relationship Manager.


Lauren is thrilled to be a part of such a great organization and is looking forward to bringing people together to have some fun! 

Ashley Merdinger

Born and raised in Stony Brook, NY, Ashley has a zest for life that is present in everything she says, does, sings, dances, or plays. Ever since creating her first screen name in sixth grade, she has been obsessed with the internet and all things Social Media. (The theme of her Bat Mitzvah was AOL— Ashley Online—and the party favors were mouse pads and @-shaped pens. You know you wish you made the invite list.)

After spending her first three college years majoring in Math (because who doesn’t love solving for x all day?), Ashley decided to switch her focus to something a bit more fun, and a Marketing major she became!  Upon graduation, she worked at an internet advertising network before entering the most entertaining (in her opinion) industry: Social Media.

Ashley certainly knows how to put the #social in Social Media. She loves to talk and meet new people, as well as sing at the top of her lungs to anyone who will (or must) listen. She has over three years of experience working in the Social Media world, which includes creating and managing the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for her six-pound dog, Sophie.

When she’s not at work Social Media-ing, she’s at home Social Media-ing, watching every episode of FRIENDS at least 15 times each, playing guitar, and writing parodies in an attempt to become Weird Ash Yankovic. She’s also been known to test out new dance moves in front of the mirror and appear on national TV dressed up as a loofah (video available upon request).

Ashley couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the ZogSports team, where she plans to dominate with her slick Cornhole moves and help increase the handicap with her semi-below-par bowling skills.  Bring it on!

Sara Zaremba

Sara hails from the city of Brotherly Love and was drawn to ZogSports by her quest to find like-minded “Z” names.

Despite having only one brother, from a young age Sara used sports and athletics to meet new people and make friends. Her sports career began on a 2nd grade basketball team at the local JCC, and after seven years of honing her skills, Sara traded in her sneakers for a unisuit and joined the high school crew team. Since then, Sara has pursued a variety of nontraditional sports, from rowing to rugby, and proudly has only four broken bones to show for it.

When not throwing herself into a variety of leagues, Sara has spent the past seven years running corporate events of all shapes and sizes all over the world. From an international marketing event for C-level executives in Brazil to local bar events for Boston’s young professionals, Sara is ZogSports’ expert manager for corporate and private events.  


When not running events, tournaments or getaways for companies, you’ll find Sara applying sunscreen and cautioning others against the dangers of unprotected sun exposure.

Danny Farkas

Danny is a Clifton, New Jersey native who bleeds West Virginia Mountaineer gold & blue. Depending on the season, and sometimes the time of day, he bleeds several other team colors, as well. Needless to say, it gets messy.

As a child, Danny first dreamed of becoming a professional athlete, then a rock star, then an astronaut and now he is back to dreaming of becoming a rock star. The closest he got to any of those career choices was playing in a hair metal cover band in his parents’ garage to a driveway full of people and singing karaoke at the Back Door in Morgantown, WV with Maroon 5 in the audience. 

Since graduating from West Virginia University and earning a Masters from New York University, Danny has worked in the music industry and on the sales team at Getty Images. After organizing and playing on many intramural and corporate teams, joining the ZogSports crew was a natural move. Danny is responsible for growing customer relationships and the Corporate Events side of ZogSports. His dream scenario would be to organize a dodgeball tournament/battle of the bands competition… on the moon!

Sam Battista

Sam hails from the town of Southbury in scenic Southwestern Connecticut. Growing up, Sam played soccer, wrestled and earned numerous awards acknowledging his participant status.

Failing to attain a coveted M.V.P. recognition, Sam hung up his cleats, neatly folded his singlet and became just a regular old avid sports fan. After getting lost on 1-95 South, Sam landed at the University of Delaware, where he studied International Relations and it was during this time that he resurrected his sports career in glorious Brett Farve/Michael Jordan/Mario Lemieux fashion, and took up intramural softball.

Upon graduation (or expulsion, we’re not sure), Sam fled to the great city of New York where he experienced violent bouts of sports withdrawal. Looking to engage in a sporting activity while also meeting new people, Sam stumbled upon ZogSports Kickball and Dodgeball. After four seasons of intense competition in both sport and drink, he began to hunger for a career in bringing fun and sport to the masses. Thus, Sam is excited to be bringing entertainment, competition and camaraderie to the peoples of New York (and beyond) through ZogSports.

Please don't take it personally that he supports the Bruins and Red Sox.

Teams and Titles
Dodgeball -
No Name No Shame (WI13) (Worst Record In League History)

Jody Zellman

It's unclear where Jody is from or who raised him, but the answers to these mysteries are generally assumed to be Spokane, WA and a pack of feral badgers.

After finding himself in a mirror shop in Nepal, Jody went to Columbia University and the Jewish Theological Seminary of America where he received a B.A. in Anthropology and a B.A. in Modern Jewish Studies. As any critical mind can discern, this adequately prepared Jody for a lavish life of private jets, supermodel lovers and bathtubs full of burning money.

After a year of traveling abroad, teaching SAT classes in Korea and trucking sixty 18-year-old young adults (old kids) around 14 countries, Jody returned to The Big Bad Apple and began a lucrative career as an unemployed Netflix connoisseur-- a position for which he was overqualified and underpaid. Hey, live rich or die trying. Right, guys? Yeah...

Jody worked two weeks at a Danish fashion company before the entire US division was laid off. It's unclear if Jody's hiring was the cause of said layoffs... the jury is still out. Yet, this fortuitous fashion folly led Jody to the office of Rob Herzog. Thanks to a well-placed phone call, a poorly rehearsed George Carlin routine and a briefcase of unmarked $100 bills, ZogSports welcomed him into their wonderful world of fun-making. 

Jody is the ZogSports National Expansion Manager, which in business speak means he works with all of our markets to support them in their marketing, communications and general expansion strategy. Additionally, Jody spends a lot of time trying to improve our web experience for Zoggers, Field Team and the occasional Albanian hacker.

If you would like to contact Jody, checks can be mailed to the main office. He also accepts credit cards and Bitcoin.

Amy Cooperstock

Raised on the hard streets of the Upper East Side, Amy Cooperstock (or LockStock, to use her prison moniker) is ZogSports' muscle, parental guardian and legal conscience. When she's not extinguishing fires, organizing staff events or screening future employees, Amy is gluing together the ceiling and the walls to prevent the office from falling apart. In her free time, Amy likes to process payroll, answer questions about health insurance benefits and play miniature golf. 

Fun fact: Amy doesn't own nunchucks. 

How many Cooperstocks does it take to screw in a light bulb? After a brief call to ConEd, the light bulbs now understand it's in their best interest to never burn out.

Why did Amy cross the road? To pick up office supplies. That wasn't a joke. It was an errand.

Why aren't there any photos of Amy on the Internet? That's insensitive. Rephrase your question.

Does Amy have any photos on the Internet? No. Next question.

Parlez-vous français? Amy does! You can take that and smear it on your cronut.