NYC Hockey

NYC's Hockey League of Friendly Competition and Organized Fun

If the NHL and Frozen Four are things you look forward to each year, or simply shooting around in the driveway, then why not get involved with our Floor Hockey league. Come out and practice your wrist shots and glove saves in a fun atmosphere. Once the final buzzer sounds, celebrate with your teammates (and opponents) at the bar in true hockey fashion!

Don't have a team? No problem-- Sign up as an individual and we'll place you on a team with other individuals.

Want to play with friends? Buy a whole team of 15 players or just write in your friends' email addresses when you register and we'll be sure to put you all together.

All teams are co-ed and each game is followed by an organized happy hour. That way, if you don't win at hockey you can still show off your flip cup and beer pong skills in the bar. Welcome to ZogSports, New York City's favorite co-ed social sports league!

Indoor leagues are played in fall (Sept-Dec), winter (Jan-Mar) and spring (Apr-June) with outdoor leagues running in the summer (June-Aug).