NYC Kickball

Play On a Kickball Team in Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens. Meet me on the playground...and then at the bar!

There's nothing better than having a fun night to look forward to during the long work week, spending time with your good friends.

-Steph K.


 If you've been searching for NYC's best-organized co-ed adult kickball league, then you are in luck! Our referees are trained, our players are cool and our happy hours are the best around. Join a ZogSports kickball team to meet new people, be active and give to charity. Yes, you read that correctly! We donate money to all the winning teams' charities of choice at the end of each season.

If you register as an individual, we'll place you on a team with awesome people. If you register with a small group of friends, we can fill the rest of your roster with other Zoggers that match your skill level. Of course, if you want to purchase an entire team of 18 players, then you'll be receiving the cheapest price per player.

We love our kickball league and our players love playing in it. We promise it will be the highlight of your week, so come find out why we are NYC's top adult kickball league.

Welcome to ZogSports, New York City's #1 charity-oriented, co-ed social sports league!