NYC Soccer

Play On a Soccer Team in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens With Friendly Competition and Organized Fun

We've all met new people and just really had fun. While winning is fun, no matter what we go out there fired up every time and end the night feeling amazing.
-Jessica L.
Are you good with your feet? Then look no further because you've stumbled on the best-organized recreational soccer league in NYC! Our co-ed soccer teams know how to kick it, our referees are trained to be professional and fun while our weekly post-game happy hours are a great time to meet new people and chat with the cutie from the other team. If you loved playing indoor soccer as a kid, or you were an outdoor soccer super star in college, we'll make sure you're in the right division for your skill level.

Need a team? Register as an individual and we'll give you teammates.

Want to buy a whole team? You'll get the cheapest price per player!

Want to play with a few friends? We'll put you together on a team— just be sure to list their email addresses when you register.

Why do our soccer leagues routinely sell out? It's simple. Our players have come to expect the best. So, when you play in a ZogSports co-ed soccer league, you'll know you're playing in NYC's best-organized and most fun adult soccer league. Register now, or you'll be kicking yourself later!

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