NYC Volleyball

Play in a League in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens With Friendly Competition and Organized Fun

Each week our teamwork improves, our scores get better,and we all become better friends.

-Jeremy R.


Bump, Spike and Set yourself up for a great time playing in one of NYC's finest co-ed, adult volleyball leagues! Whether you're looking to spike it in the gym or dive in the sand, there's a reason why our volleyball leagues are so popular. Our players range from college intramural volleyball champions to recreational volleyball players, therefore, we have multiple divisions organized according to skill level. Like every ZogSports league, your game is followed by an exclusive happy hour and donations are made to charities selected by the teams with the best records at the end of the season.

You can join a volleyball team as an individual or with a group of friends and we'll place you with other awesome volleyball players. If you want the cheapest price per player, then buy a whole team!

Whether you're looking for a social volleyball team or a competitive volleyball league, ZogSportsNYC has you covered. Welcome to ZogSports, New York City's best co-ed, social sports league!