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    My Story: Why I Founded ZogSports

    Many of you have heard me tell this story. In July 2001, I got a new job as the VP of Operations for Marsh & McLennan’s internet group. My office was on the 96th Floor of the World Trade Center’s North Tower. On the morning of September 11th, there were dozens of little things I did on my way to work that I didn’t usually do: I hit the snooze button twice, dropped off my laundry, picked up my held mail (and stopped to toss the junk mail), took the local train instead of the express, and numerous other small decisions that caused me to arrive at work five minutes late.

    At 8:45am, I got off the subway and came outside in time to hear a loud explosion. I looked up and saw a gaping hole in the side of the building where my office had been. None of my 297 coworkers who were already at work survived. I don’t know how long I stood there, but after the second plane hit, mass hysteria broke out and I ran. I met up with my girlfriend (now wife) at her office and we walked home desperately trying to make sense of what had happened.

    Three months later, I’m sitting on the beach with a piña colada in my hand, lamenting about how terrible my life was: Before starting at Marsh & McLennan, I had to close down an internet company and lay off 30 people, including myself. And then, I was almost hit by a plane. My glass was half empty, but then I thought about all the good things that had happened that year: I survived 9/11, I met my wife playing co-ed softball, and I was able to enjoy my passion of playing sports.

    I began reflecting on my life and trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I played in numerous sports leagues, and while I loved the sports and camaraderie, I was disappointed with the lack of organization and disrespectful customer service. I knew I could do better. While thinking about the changes in the NYC community after 9/11, I saw people being selfless and was inspired to give back.

    That was the moment. I decided to combine sports, social and charity and create ZogSports. My goal that day was the same as it is now: to bring people together through sports and incorporate charity into things that people want to do anyway (like play team sports, meet new people and hang out with their friends)!

    All of this inspires what we do at ZogSports and how we do it every day!

  • Why is ZogSports Awesome?

    Only ZogSports is America’s most popular social sports community, with over 100,000 players forming millions of new friendships every year.



    Zoggers Per Year


    Cities Where We Zog

    3 million+

    Donated to Your Charities


    Companies Benefiting from ZogSports


    Off-the-Field Romances Per Week


    Zoggers on the 1976 Olympic Dressage Team

  • How it All Began

    After his close call on September 11, 2001, Robert Herzog was inspired to create an organization which brought like-minded people together to have fun, give back and create community. He identified a need amongst New York’s young professionals for better organized sports leagues and more natural social interactions outside of the workplace. Plus, he wanted to tap into the charitable spirit which pervaded the city following 9/11.

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  • Play For Your Cause

    Only ZogSports was founded in the wake of 9/11 and makes playing for charity a core part of the social sports experience, with over $3.4 million donated on behalf of our teams. Don’t look now, but you’re making a difference. Instead of trophies, your team will receive a donation to your favorite charity, presented on our classic, GIANT check at the End of Season party.

    At the start of each season, every team selects a charity. At the end of the season, we donate 10% of net proceeds, 100% of Happy Hour bar contributions, and an allocation from our sponsors to a charity pool, divvied up among the winning teams.

    $3.4+million donated
    2000+ charities
    How Does It Work?
  • Our Core Values

    These are the rules by which we play. Our culture, our decisions, and the experiences we deliver are all shaped by these six core values:

    Fun - We facilitate other people’s fun and have fun making it happen.

    Team Player - Through the spirit of camaraderie, we share ideas, efforts and resources to accomplish our goals.

    Caring - We care about the company, each other and the work we do. We care about our customers, their experience and the communities in which we play

    Mission - Bring people together, create highlights, make a difference.

    Reliable - We do what we say, meet our commitments and provide a consistent customer experience with relentless organization.

    Own It - We take ownership and do whatever it takes. We are go getters who identify and creatively solve problems.

    Continuous Improvement - We are committed to getting better every day in everything we do as individuals and as a company.

  • ZogSports is Hiring

    At ZogSports you can be yourself, love what you do, and contribute to America’s most popular social sports league. ZogSports is the real deal. We’ve made the Inc. 5000 list of Fastest Growing Companies in the US and Crain’s Top 100 Best Places To Work list for several years. You’ll have a ton of ownership, learn a ginormous number of transferable business skills, and work on a team where a sense of humor is a non-negotiable (except for Gary – he was born boring). Interested? Read on, amigo.

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  • Our Team

    We take our fun very seriously. Meet the ZogSports full-time staff (yes, we have a full-time staff) who accommodate your special requests, make your schedules, and solve your recreational sports emergencies. Be sure to say, “Yooooo, dude” when you see us at the field and happy hour!

  • We're famous

    You like to Google yourself and so do we. Here's what we found:

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"ZogSports Leagues are basically intramurals for adults, catering to "young professionals in large urban markets."

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"This league is known for giving back"

The Huffington Post Logo - ZogSports

"the best thing that will ever happen to the people who were there."

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Zog makes it easy to make new friends by arranging happy hour deals at local bars after the games, which is always fun.

Georgia L.

New York / Kickball

I tell friends that even though they might not be all that great at a sport, it's still fun to come out and be part of a team.

Alberto L.

San Francisco / Cornhole

Players have a voice - the organizers are responsive and listen to feedback from the players.

W W.

Los Angeles / Soccer

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