Basketball Rules – Chelsea Piers

Markets: New York

Format: basketball

  • Full-court format for 5-on-5 leagues
  • 5-on-5 league must have at least 4 players present to avoid forfeit
  • For 5-on-5 Coed leagues, cannot have more than 3 guys on court per team. (Please refer to league details to determine if league follows Coed rules)
    • Must have at least 1 women present to avoid forfeit
  • Game Length
    • Head to head format: One 40-minute game (20-minute halves)
    • No overtime during any regular season games
  • Clock: Running clock format until final One minute of the first half and final two minutes of 2nd half (if score is within 15 Points). Clock will always stop during timeouts (3 timeouts per game)
  • Shot Clock: there is an unwritten 30-second shot clock applied by the referee’s discretion
  • Unless otherwise stated, games follow college rules


  • Win = 3 points
  • Tie = 1 point
  • Loss = 0 points
  • Forfeit = -1 point


  • League will follow normal 2 and 3 points scoring
  • Free Throws
    • Head to head: will follow normal free throw format
    • Shooters must wait until ball hits rim
    • Players can enter lane on shooter’s release of the ball
  • Bonus: After the 7th Team foul of each half, teams will shoot a 1- and- 1 on non shooting fouls. After the 10th foul, teams will automatically go to the Double Bonus.
  • Team fouls will reset at halftime for head to head leagues
  • There are no individual foul outs
  • There is a 10-minute grace period. If a team does not have the minimum players required by end of grace period, it will be considered a forfeit
  • If your team forfeits two games in a season, you may be removed from the schedule without refund or credit.


To forfeit, please fill out this form.

Forfeits ruin the experience for everyone. ZogSports exists to give you an opportunity to play and build community and forfeiting is a huge bummer. If your team absolutely needs to forfeit, you must let us know in advance so we can contact your opponent so that they don’t unnecessarily travel to the gym/field.

If you do not inform us of a forfeit your team could face penalties in your league’s standings. Once ZogSports is notified of your forfeit, it is final (you cannot change your mind) and the other team will be notified.

  • You should be able to field a team with only roster players.  Only players on your roster are allowed to play if you want the game to count in the standings.  If you pick up another ZogSports player to complete our team, a scrimmage game can be played, but the result will be a forfeit in the standings.
  • A team is never allowed to pick-up a non-ZogSports player to join their team.
  • If players don’t have the team jersey with them, we ask they wear a similar color to match the rest of the team


  • Each team gets 3 30-second timeouts per game.
  • A tip-off will start the game
  • Jump balls will always go to the defense
  • 3-second rule in the lane will be applied


  • There will be a 2-minute warm up period provided before each game
  • All technical, flagrant and intentional fouls count as team fouls
  • Opposing team will receive 2 free throws and receive possession for any technical, flagrant or intentional foul
  • Opposing team can select any player to shoot for a technical or flagrant foul.
  • A second flagrant foul by the same team will result in an automatic team forfeit for that game
  • A player ejected for any reason may be suspended for the next game.  If that player is suspended and is caught playing in the next game, the team will forfeit
  • Any player(s)/team(s) that are involved in a fight are subject to being suspended from all ZogSports Leagues for life
  • Head-to-head record (among all tied teams)
  • Record against other teams in or tied for playoffs (winning percentage – i.e. 0-1 is same as 0-2, but 1-3 is better than 0-1)
  • Number of wins
  • Record against next best common opponent
  • If team forfeited
  • “Coin-flip”
  • Head to head format will be applied during playoffs
    • 2-minute overtimes until there is a winner
    • A tip-off will start each overtime
    • Clock will follow same rules as the final 2-minutes of regulation
    • Fouls carry over from regular to overtime
    • No additional time outs granted in overtime


  • Any unsportsmanlike behavior may result in that player/team being suspended/removed from participating in all ZogSports Leagues.
  • Players will not be allowed to participate in any game without signing the waiver
  • Following the concept of the shot clock, stalling goes against the spirit of the game and will be up to referees’ discretion.  Stalling will result in the loss of possession
  • ZogSports is a charity-focused, social sports club.  Our goal is for you to have fun.  We hope that you keep this in mind when participating.  Although the games may become intense, you still can be competitive while maintaining good sportsmanship.  With this being said, any behavior deemed unacceptable by the referee or ZogSports staff may result in suspension and/or ejection from a game or the league.

CODE OF CONDUCT: The Participant’s Code of Conduct applies to all ZogSports participants. You can access the ZogSports Participant’s Code of Conduct HERE.

Markets: New York