Flag Football Rules – NY & SF

Markets: New York, San Francisco

Format: football


8-on-8.  Maximum 5 men on the field  / Minimum 1 woman on the field | Pulling 1 equals a “tag” or “tackle” and stops play. Note: If a flag falls off on its own, a player can be touched with 1 hand as a “tackle”


We play two 23 minute halves with 1-3 minute halftime breaks. Running time throughout until the final 2 minutes of the 2nd half (only if the score differential is 12 points or fewer) | Each team gets 3 30-second per game


Touchdowns = 6 points  Extra point(s) = 1 point attempt(ball placed 2 yards away)  or  2 point attempt (ball placed 10 yards away)

Note: 2 point attempts if intercepted can be returned by the defense for 2 points.


First Downs – Crossing first down markers. There are 3 markers at 12-15 yard intervals (depending on field size) through the length of the field

Rush Count – Defensive line person count clearly and loudly to 5 MI-SS-I-SS-I-PP-I (we accept no substitutes)before rushing the quarterback. Note: Quarterback cannot rush until s/he is rushed.


A female player must be used as a quarterback (must attempt to pass or run), intended receiver, or running back once every 3 plays.


No Blocking is permitted – Blocking is initiating contact with a player, as well as impeding the progress of player by unnatural action or deviating from a defined path

No Pick plays are permitted – Collisions can be dangerous, don’t do it.

ALL GAMES ARE RAIN OR SHINE(unless dangerous/hazardous conditions occur)

FORFEITS – Please do not forfeit! Your teammates and opponents signed up to play!

However, if you must forfeit please notify us so we can communicate that to your opponent

You MUST notify forfeits@zogsports.com if your entire team cannot make a game.

Deadline: 3PM Friday for Weekend games | 12 PM day of for Weekday games.

If your team will be short players, but have the required 5 roster (with at least 1 female) to play, you are OK.  If you do show up, but have fewer than 5 or no female players, it is a forfeit, but without penalty.

No Notification Forfeit Penalties:1st Offense – Loss of game and warning  |2nd offense – Loss of game and removal from playoff contention 



ZogSports will provide team shirts | No Metal Cleats Allowed | Sneakers or molded cleats must be worn at all times (no bare feet or sandals/flip-flops) | ZogSports provides footballs and flags/flag belts (All players must wear the ZogSports issued flags or use the same brand and model of flag for consistency)

FIELD SETUP / DIMENSIONS(varies by available/usable field space)

Width: 25-30 yards | Length: 55-70 yards


The ZogSports staffers running the location will direct you to your assigned field.


Head Referee: Provided by ZogSports

Head Referee – Line of Scrimmage

Primary Responsibilities – General Game Play | Downs and Completions | 1st Downs | Gender plays | Rush count | Timeouts| Spotting the ball | Line of scrimmage calls


We play 8-on-8. A minimum of 5 roster players (including at least 1 female) is required to start a game. Maximum 5 men and minimum 1 woman on the field at all times.

Games will start on time if the minimum requirements are met. If a team fails to reach the minimum requirement of players, that team shall forfeit the game.

Rosters are limited to 15 players, it is an additional charge of $35 per player beginning with player number 16.

Teams that have the minimum requirement of 5 players that wish to pick up 1 or 2 may do so with regards to the following:

1. Each player picked up is a 6 point penalty.

2. Picked up players may not play QB.

3. If a roster player shows up, players not on the roster can no longer play.

4. You cannot pick up enough players to even with you opponent

If a team member is ejected from the game, the team will need to play one player short for the remainder of the game.  If the team was already playing short, they still need to remove a player from the field. (e.g. If a team is playing with 5 men and 2 women and 1 of the men is ejected, that player may not be replaced by another male player.  The team will be required to play with 6 players for the remainder of the game.) 



Referee will have two captains shoot rock/paper/scissors

Winning captain selects Offense/Defense or direction in the first half (In the second half, teams change directions and possession)  Game starts with the “receiving” team in possession on its own 10-yard line


  • Two 23-minute halves with 1-3 minute half time 20 Second Play Clock from the placement/spotting of the ball
  • Running time for all 23 minutes of first half,21 of 23 minutes running time second half based on score (see below for explanation)
  • All delay of game penalties within the final 2 minutes of the first half will result in the game clock stopping until play resumes.
  • Outside of 2 minutes 2 straight delay of game penalties deemed intentional will result in an unsportsmanlike penalty.
  • Final two minutes of second half – 2 minute warning clock stoppage will occur if the score differential is 12 points or less.  Clock will stop for the following:
  • Official’s time-outs (injuries and called time-outs)
  • An incomplete pass
  • QB is allowed to spike the ball to stop the clock. Snap must be caught by the QB (not slapped to the ground) otherwise will count as a fumble and clock continues to run
  • An offensive player goes out-of-bounds before being tagged
  • The clock starts again for the extra point and then stops after this play is completed.  At most 10 seconds can elapse on extra points (to prevent teams from trying to run out the clock on a conversion)
  • Any turnover (interception, change of possession on downs or after a punt)
  • The clock continues to run on all fumbles (including fumbles snaps from the center to the QB)
  • Any penalty deemed intentional by the referee in an effort to affect the clock (to run off time) in the last two minutes of the game will cause the clock to stop
  • If a team is up by 13 or more points, the clock will continue to run for the last 2 minutes
  • If the point differential changes from 12 points or below(stoppage time) to 13 points or above (running time) within the final 2 minutes the clock shall stop/run in accordance with the score

TIMEOUTS – Each team receives three (3) timeouts per game. Timeouts last 30 seconds.


If referee has to stop the clock to tend to an injury, the player must come out of the fame for at least one play or the team can opt to take a timeout

If a player determined to be bleeding in excess by the referee, the player must come off the field


  • Ball must always be snapped from the ground by the center to the quarterback
  • The player receiving the snap is the quarterback for that play, even if a different player says “hike.”
  • No player shall put the ball in play until it is declared ready-for-play by the referee
  • The offensive team has 20 seconds to put the ball in play after it is spotted by the referee
  • Centers may adjust the ball, including picking it up to reposition it, before each play so as long as he/she does not do it in a manner to intentionally draw defense off sides
  • After the snap, the Center may move side to side on the line of scrimmage until the 4-MISSISSIPPI count.  After the 4-MISSISSIPPI count, the Center must NOT move and must have his/her arms at their side.  The Center may NEVER intentionally attempt to block, trip or physically interfere with a defensive player rushing the QB.
  • If the ball hits the ground after the snap and before the quarterback has possession, the ball is treated like a fumble and is dead immediately at the spot where it hit the ground.

If the game is in stoppage time the clock continues to run.


Teams must use a female as an operative player within 3 consecutive downs

An operative player is defined as follows:

  • Is the primary intended receiver in the eyes of the official (no hook and lateral plays)
  • Runs the ball as the primary runner (does not have to get positive yards)
  • Attempts a pass as quarterback (does not have to be a completion or gain positive yardage)

An operative player is NOT defined as a player who:

  • Hands the ball off to a male player
  • Snaps the ball into play
  • Receives a hand-off only to give it back to a male before crossing the line of scrimmage

Examples of Common Situations

Female Plays ARE:

  • A pass deflected, but not possessed by a male and caught by a female
  • A pass intended for a female (in the eyes of the referee) that is deflected by a woman, and is caught by a male
  • A pass caught by a female behind the line of scrimmage who tries, but does not successfully gain positive yards – this is NOT a completion however
  • A female QB sacked

Plays not utilizing a female and resulting in loss of down will still be considered a female play IF AND ONLY IF that play is a mandatory female play.

  • Male QB crosses line of scrimmage then throws ball to a female
  • Male QB is sacked on a play designated as a female play, it is counted as a female play

On Extra points everyone is eligible, even if it supposed to be a female play.

Kneel downs by a male QB on a female play DO NOT count as a female play.  Result is a loss of a down and still a girl play at the spot of the kneel.


Touchdowns = 6 points  Extra point options = 1 point attempt (ball placed 2 yards away)  or  2 point attempt (ball placed 10 yards away) Note:2 point attempts if intercepted can be returned by the defense for 2 points.

Safeties = The defensive team receives 2 points and then takes possession of the ball at their own 10-yard line

A safety will be scored when a player:

  • Is tagged down with the ball across the goal-line in their own end zone (not on a punt or intercepted pass). Once the ball is brought into the end zone, the entire ball must cross the goal line to be considered out the end zone.
  • If a player is tagged after a player advances ball out of end zone and runs back in on a punt or intercepted pass, a safety will be awarded
  • Runs out of bounds in their own end zone while in possession of the ball
  • Snaps the ball out of the end zone
  • Fumbles in their own end zone

Interceptions on Extra points: 1 points attempts are dead | 2 point attempts can returned to the opposite end zone for 2 points

If a player by punt or interception gains possession of the ball outside of the end zone but momentum, in the eyes of the referee, carries the player into the end zone a touch back and not a safety shall be granted.


Each team will have 4 downs to either score or earn another 1st down. First downs are earned by:

  • Crossing any of the first down markers (the first time)
  • Once a marker is passed the offensive team cannot regain it for a first down until the next possession

If a team fails to score or earn a first down, possession goes to the other team. Offensive team may elect to punt on any down.  


Definition:  Blocking is considered the movement, whether deliberate or unintentional, that impedes a defensive player’s pursuit of the ball carrier, unless movement is to avoid personal injury (as interpreted by the referee).  This also includes the deliberate or unintentional movement of limbs by a stationary player (i.e., shoving or clothes-lining your friends on the other team).  More leeway may be given to players moving at the time of a reception, but this is up to the referee’s discretion.

NO BLOCKING on the field is allowed in ZogSports football.  (Penalty:  10 yards from the spot of the block; blow the play dead)  A player may use his body to shield another player by having their arms by their sides or behind their back, if that player is not moving or is giving ground.  In this instance, the player must not initiate contact.  There is also no contact permitted at the line or downfield by any defensive player guarding a receiver (bump and run).  All players must try to avoid contact with any player on the football field.



An offensive pick is when the receiver purposely runs into/blocks the progress of/or stops in front of a defender allowing the other receiver to get open. You cannot do this. The referee will be watching this very closely.

The penalty is 10 yards and loss of down.



  • The offense must designate an offensive line person to snap each play
  • Player acting as offensive lineman must have arms at sides when protecting their quarterback
  • Offensive Line person may move from side-to-side (or out of the way to protect oneself) until the defense reaches 4 MISSISSIPPI. At that point the OL must freeze/take a knee



  • At no point may the Defensive Line player drop back into coverage.
  • 5 MISSISSIPPI COUNT – Defense may not pursue the quarterback behind the line of scrimmage until completing a 5 MISSISSIPPI count at normal speaking cadence, as determined by the referee (players must use Mississippi count ONLY)
  • After 5 MISSISSIPPI count is completed, defense can rush

The 5 MISSISSIPPI count may only be made by the defender on the line

*The quarterback may not run even after the defense completes the 5 MISSISSIPPI count until the defense chooses to rush the quarterback by crossing the line of scrimmage

After the 5 MISSISSIPPI count is completed, any number of defensive players may rush even if the defender on the line does not rush


If the ball changes possession in the backfield (i.e., is handed off), the defense may rush immediately

If the offense fakes a change of possession and the defense advances across the line of scrimmage, no foul will be called if the defense returns back to behind the line of scrimmage immediately, and continues the 5 MISSISSIPPI count

If the team on defense is short a player(s), they can choose not to play anyone at the line of scrimmage.  If they choose this option, nobody is permitted to rush the quarterback on that play



  • Fast Rush Count – If in the eyes or ears of the referee, the count is made too quickly, or not loud enough,– 5 yards and replay down – offense may decline penalty if positive yardage was gained
  • Defensive Offsides – If any defender crosses the line of scrimmage before 5-Mississippi is fully uttered – 5 yards and replay down – offense may decline penalty if positive yardage was gained
  • Not Leaving a Defensive Player on the Line of Scrimmage/Defensive Lineman Drops Back into Coverage – If in the eyes of the referee the defense does not leave a player on the line of scrimmage or that player leave the line of scrimmage to drop back into coverage – 5 yards and replay the down – offense may decline penalty if positive yardage is gained


  • Snapper Leaves Line and Goes Down Field – 5 yards and replay down – defense may decline penalty
  • QB illegal forward pass/illegal run – the QB crosses the line of scrimmage and then throws a forward pass OR runs before defense rushes. 5 yards and loss of down – defense may decline penalty
  • Offensive Offsides – When any part of the offensive player’s body is beyond the scrimmage line before the ball is snapped – 5 yards; play is blown dead after the snap.

Note: If an offensive player moves past the line of scrimmage/starts to run before the ball is snapped, he/she may reset him/herself before the ball is snapped without penalty.


  • Ball carrier has his or her flag pulled. A ball in possession is considered part of the body.
  • If the ball carrier has his or her flag pulled while bobbling the ball (not in possession), the play shall continue
  • Ball carrier touches the out of bounds line with any part of his/her body
  • Ball carrier scores.  Ball must break goal plane for touchdown or conversion
  • Ball touches the ground as a result of a fumble, punt or incomplete pass or even while in a player’s hand
  • Any part of the ball carrier’s body except for a hand or foot touches the ground
  • Ball carrier slips or falls, or any part of his/her body (except feet or hands) touches the ground, the ball becomes dead


A forward (overhand or underhand) pass is complete when

  • Caught by any player of the passing team (who has at least one foot in bounds) beyond the line of scrimmage
  • Caught in bounds simultaneously by opponents – ball becomes dead and is awarded to passing team at spot of catch
  • Player that has ball control and is pushed out of the end zone/sideline will be considered in bounds/TD/extra point

Note: If the receiver was forced out of bounds by an opposing player, he/she will still be eligible upon returning inbounds

Note: If a player who went out of bounds is the 2nd player to touch the ball, it is a completion (i.e. deflected off a defensive/offensive player). Provided they re-established themselves back inbounds with 2 feet prior to touching the ball.

HANDOFFS – Handoffs are permitted.  When this change of possession occurs, the defense may cross the line of scrimmage immediately(does not need to complete the 5-MISSISSIPPI count).

KICKOFFS – There are no kickoffs.  At the start of the game and after every score, the team taking possession of the ball will start at their own ten-yard line (two-point conversion line).


  • The offensive team must declare a punt.  All punts are “free” punts meaning a team does not need to snap during a punt
  • No Fake Punts
  • Punt plays are open to either gender – Male players must kick a punt / Female players may throw or kick a punt. Team option
  • The kicking team may not cross the line of scrimmage until the ball is kicked
  • The receiving team may not raise hands or jump to block a punt
  • The instant that a member of the receiving team has taken possession of the ball, all other members of the receiving team must hold their current positions on the field.  Any deliberate movements away from his/her set spot, other than to avoid personal injury, will be considered blocking
  • THERE ARE NO LATERALS PERMITTED ON PUNTS – A lateral on a punt will result in a dead ball at the spot of the lateral
  • There is no minimum number of players on the line of scrimmage during a punt
  • If the ball comes into contact with the ground after it has been punted it is a dead ball, spotted at the point where it hit the ground, and may not be returned

Ball is spotted at 10-yard line (touchback) if:

  • Ball is downed in the end zone or punted through the end zone
  • Player drops the ball in the end zone



  • A fumble is not a turnover; it is a dead ball (at the spot where the player was, in the determination of the referee, when he/she first lost control of the ball)
  • If a player on either team takes possession of the ball, prior to the ball hitting the ground, possession goes to that team and that player may attempt to advance the ball towards his/her own end zone
  • A fumbled lateral DOES NOT CHANGE POSSESSION
  • An intercepted lateral DOES CHANGE possession
  • There is no stripping of the ball


  • Interceptions of forward passes may be advanced by the defense.  If a defensive and offensive player appear to both have possession or are struggling for possession, the reception is granted to whomever gained clear possession first. If possession was gained simultaneously the reception goes to the offense
  • Interceptions can be returned
  • Laterals are permitted after an interception, but forward laterals are illegal – 5 yards from spot of thrown lateral. Play blown dead at time of penalty


A lateral is an underhand/overhand toss of the ball to a fellow team member next to you or behind you.  If the lateral is behind the line of scrimmage, the player who formerly had possession of the ball may go downfield and be considered a receiver.  A lateral may never go forward.

Penalty: Illegal forward lateral – 5 yards from the spot of the thrown lateral.  Play blown dead at time of penalty


A team is permitted to substitute players before each play.  They must do so from the same sideline/end line for the entire game. Players must be set on the field for one full second before the snap.

if you do not have your full amount of players on the field at the time the ball is snapped, players will not be permitted to enter the field of play until the current play is blown dead by the referee.

PENALTY – Illegal substitution – 5 yard penalty after the play is completed – may be declined by the offense/defense.

Teams may not have more than 8 players in the huddle.

PENALTY – Illegal substitution – 5 yard penalty before the ball is snapped.

Once the offense is set on the line of scrimmage, no substitutions should be made

PENALTY – Illegal substitution – 5 yard penalty before the ball is snapped.


  • During regular season play, all ties will be scored as a tie
  • Playoffs – Four-Downs and Out format applies from 10 paces/yards from goal line
  • A coin toss, rock/paper/scissors, odds/evens with the winning team deciding on first or second possession
  • Teams will attempt to score in the same end zone
  • If a team scores, they will have the opportunity to go for 1 or 2 on the PAT
  • All gender rules apply in overtime games
  • An interception will result in a team losing its possession – they may not be returned for any points
  • The game will be decided when one team scores more points in the rotation
  • No 1st downs will be awarded except in the case of a penalty
  • Each team starts OT with 1 timeout


Not using a female operative player -The penalty for running 3 consecutive plays w/o a female as an operative player will be loss of down (e.g., if it was first down during the penalty, it is now second down.) The female must now be the operative player on the next play. The penalty will be enforced until a female is used. If a QB sack or bad snap occurs on a mandatory female play, the play stands as a female play – 0 yards, loss of down

Delay of game -The offensive team must put the ball into play 20 seconds after referee has signaled ready for play. Referee will give a count from 5 down to zero before calling this penalty – 5 yards; play is blown dead at zero on the play clock

Too Many People/Men on the field -No more than 8 players on the field at one time or no more than 5 men on the field at one time.  Penalty will be assessed after discovery.  Only called ifa play is run with illegal participation – 5 yards; replay down.  May be declined

Holding – Grabbing any part of a player or player’s clothing/belt that is not a flag and not immediately letting go. – 5 yards; added to the end of the play.

Offensive offsides– When any part of the offensive player’s body is beyond the scrimmage line before the ball is snapped – 5 yards; play is blown dead after the snap.

Defensive offsides, encroachment and fast rush count – A player is offside when any part of his/her body is beyond the line of scrimmage or in the neutral zone when the ball is snapped, or when crossing the line of scrimmage before the 5 Mississippi count is over. 5 yards; replay down – offense may decline penalty if positive yardage was gained

Illegal Motion – After a shift or huddle all offensive players, after assuming a set position, must come to an absolute stop. They also must remain stationary in their position without any movement of their feet, heads or arms, or swing of their body for a period of at least one second before snap – 5 yards; play is blown dead after the snap

QB illegal forward pass/illegal run– the QB crosses the line of scrimmage and then throws a forward pass OR runs before defense rushes. 5 yards; loss of down – defense may decline penalty

Intentional grounding– A QB may throw the ball away, however the ball must cross the line of scrimmage or be near an eligible receiver or it is a penalty – 5 yards; loss of down

Illegal forward lateral– A player cannot throw/lateral the ball forward after they cross the line of scrimmage (e.g., after a completion or during a run) or after an interception –5 yards from the spot of the thrown lateral. Play blown dead at time of penalty

Blocking – No player may use his hands to block opponent.  A player may only use his body to shield another player by having arms by his side, and do so either by not moving or by giving up ground – 10 yards from the spot of the block; Blow the play dead

Illegal contact/holding(before ball is thrown) – Defender/receiver may not make original contact with a defender/receiver, nor may he use his hands or arms to hang onto or encircle the opposing player. The defender/receiver cannot extend his arms to cut off or hook a defender/receiver causing contact that impedes and restricts the defender/receiver as the play develops, nor may he maintain contact with the defender/receiver – 10 yards; replay down

Offensive picking-The offensive team may not initiate a pick/block while in motion. If a catch is made after a clear pick, it will be ruled no catch – 10 yards; loss of down

Defensive pass interference(when ball is in the air) – It is pass interference by either team when any player movement beyond the line of scrimmage significantly hinders the progress of an eligible player (e.g., grabbing player while running) or their chance to catch a pass, gain position, or retain position to catch the ball.  If both offensive and defensive players are clearly going for the ball, any contact will be considered incidental unless prohibited as stated.

*The ball must be considered catchable by the referee for a pass interference call – 1st down at the spot of foul, if in the end zone ball is spotted at the one yd. line – may be declined

Offensive pass interference– See Defensive pass interference – 10 yards; loss of down

Diving/Sliding To Gain Extra Yardage– a player with possession of the ball may not dive or slide to gain extra yardage (e.g., into the end zone in an attempt to score a touchdown or past midfield to get a first down).  15 yards from the spot of the dive; A second dive/slide will be also treated as an unsportsmanlike penalty, meaning 15 yards for diving and 15 yards for unsportsmanlike, totaling 30 yards from the spot of the dive

Unsportsmanlike conduct -including an illegal tag, excessively rough play, tackling or pushing, abusive or insulting language to another player or referee, taunting opponent or similar theatrics before or after the touchdown.  15 yard penalty

Unsportsmanlike conduct after a score

On the offense the defense has a choice of when to assess the penalty either on the extra point or the start of their next possession

On the defense they start their next series on the one yard line

2 unsportsmanlike penalties to 1 player in 1 game – player automatically ejected from the game and has a one-week suspension.

Any player fighting or abusing the referee will automatically be ejected from the game without a warning.

Note:  If a team commits a loss of down penalty on 4th down, the ball is turned over to the defense.


If a referee inadvertently sounds their whistle during a play, the play is immediately dead.  If during a run, it is the offensive team’s ball at the spot of the ball at the time of the whistle.  If a legal pass or snap is in flight, or during a punt, the down will be replayed.



Wins, Losses and Ties  |  Win- 3 points  |  Loss – 0 points  |  Tie- 1 points  |  Forfeit – (-1) Points

WEATHER POLICY-The ZogSports’ policy has always been to play no matter what the weather is like (it is football after all).  On the turf fields we will only postpone games if there is a serious hurricane/thunderstorm.  Games on grass fields may be postponed due to rain.  In some cases heavy rain on Saturday could affect grass field games on Sunday.   If you are concerned about games being postponed you can check to see if games are on in 2 ways:

Weather Alert Page: https://play.zogsports.com/weather-alert-hotline 

You can also try calling the weather alert hotline, but due to the potential of a high volume of calls coming in at the same time, we recommend the website’s weather alert page.

Weather Alert Hotline – 332-213-9023

The weather alert page and hotline are only changed if games are postponed.  If the message or posting is old, the games are on as scheduled!

LIGHTNING – In the instance of a thunderstorm, we will take the necessary precautions to ensure that everyone is safe, and then we will re-assess whether or not games will continue to be played. If lightning strikes, we will clear the fields and wait at least ten minutes for the storm to pass. If the storm clears after this break, we will continue to play games. If lightning continues to strike after ten minutes of waiting, we will call the games.

MAKE-UP GAMES – If a game is called (due to weather or injury) we will follow the below set of criteria when rescheduling games.

Game score will be FINAL (and not rescheduled)if a full half is completed.

If the game is called in the first half, we will do our best to pick up from the point of the delay (time, possession, score).

If in an extreme case, there is not enough information to pick up the game at the point of interruption, we will start the game over.


1. Head-to-head competition (among all tied teams)*

2. Record against other teams in or tied for playoffs (by win percentage).

3. Record against next best common opponent

4. If team forfeited or did not send of referee, loses tie breaker if others don’t resolve seeding

5. If none of the above tie breakers resolve seeding, ZogSports will execute a coin toss

*It’s a two tiered tie breaker system. If there is a tie breaker between more than two teams, after one team is determined to successfully make the playoffs we start the system over from number one with the remaining team.  For Example: If three teams are tied, and one team makes it to playoffs after number 2 (the record against other teams in or tied for playoffs) the to determine the next best team it will go back to number 1 (head to head competition).

ZogSports is a charity-focused, co-ed social sports league

While we appreciate the level of competitiveness in our league, we do not tolerate any unsportsmanlike behavior.  This includes anyone who:

  • Antagonizes players on other teams or their own teammates
  • Exhibits excessive uncontrollable play
  • Inappropriately “mouths off” to the referee(s)
  • Verbally or physically threatens a member of our staff

Any player ejected from a game will be suspended for a minimum of one game

ZogSports reserves the right to remove any player from a game(s), season and/or future season

ZogSports reserves the right to remove a full team from the schedule and/or future seasons if we feel they are unable to participate in a manner in keeping with ZogSports’ mission to provide a fun, charity-focused, co-ed league

CODE OF CONDUCT: The Participant’s Code of Conduct applies to all ZogSports participants. You can access the ZogSports Participant’s Code of Conduct HERE.

Markets: New York, San Francisco