Men’s Outdoor Soccer Rules – SJ

Markets: San Jose

Format: Soccer

Official 11v11, 8v8 and 7v7 Outdoor Soccer Rules

Rules of ZogSports Outdoor Soccer are governed by the rules of FIFA with the following exceptions. Please note that the only difference between formats is there is no offside rule in 7v7 formats:

  1. 11v11 co-ed formats are played with a minimum of 3 women on the field. 8 v 8 or 7v7 co-ed formats are played with a minimum of 2 women on the field. In the event that 3 women (in 11v11) or 2 women (in 8v8 or 7v7) are not available, the team may play shorthanded with at least 2, or 1 female respectively, and the game will be considered legal. Without this, the game will not be played and a forfeit for that team will be recorded. Halves are 40 minutes in 11v11 and 25 minutes in 8v8 and 7v7 with a 5-minute half time, subject to change if behind schedule.
  2. In 8v8 and 7v7, the goalie must throw or roll the ball in play. No drop-kicks or punts are allowed unless the ball is placed, not dropped on the ground first.
  3. All fouls will result in a direct free kick. Opposing players must line up at least 10 yards away in 11v11 and 8 yards away in 8v8 and 7v7 from circumference of the ball.
  4. Substitutions may not be made on the fly. You may substitute on any free-kick or play stoppage except for a penalty against your team.
  5. Slide tackling or sliding at all is not allowed except by the goalie in the designated penalty area. If a player slides purposefully, the penalty is a direct free kick and a yellow card will be shown to the player. If a player slides to deliberately win a ball and makes contact with a player AT ALL, the player will be shown a straight red card and exit the game, fined $50, and suspended 2 games, subject to our discretion. Make no mistake, sliding causes injuries. We all have to work tomorrow! Bicycle kicks and diving headers make the game great, but the referee may call a foul for bicycle kicks and diving headers if he/she deems these to be unsafe when performed.
  6. If a red card is issued, that player must leave the premises immediately or risk a forfeit and a FUTURE forfeit by his/her team. Gender rules still apply.
  7. A team that is short players may play with up to 2 players from another team in the same league to give them enough to play the game (the minimum to start an 8v8 game is 5 players total, with 1 female in co-ed formats and 8 players and 2 females in 11v11 format). A team found to be playing with non-rostered, non-league players will result in a forfeit of that particular game.
  8. No substitute players are allowed in the playoffs. Any discrepancies on rosters must be settled before the game commences. Players or referees can initiate a roster check prior to play.
  9. Shin guards are required for all players.
  10. No sunflower seeds, gum, spikes, or metal cleats allowed on any synthetic surface. Violators will be ejected from the park. Do not be the cause for us loosing our rights to use the fields.
  11. Rules not mentioned above will be dealt with by the referee under FIFA rules, and any discrepancies are at the referee’s discretion and should be called consistently.
  12. If a player from your team makes threats, or attempts any violent conduct, they may be subject to arrest and/or legal action and players will no longer be welcome at ZogSports. This behavior does not belong in our club.
  13. If you have a concern, please report it to the league coordinator or field monitor, if present. Do not argue with referees or engage other players. We cannot control every player, but our rules are written to protect players from as many injuries as possible and our philosophy of social sports is meant to deter obscene behavior and overly-aggressive play.
  14. Jewelry can be a danger to all players. We understand that Fitbits and other jewelry are worn by many players, but any jewelry deemed unsafe by the referee will need to be removed in order to play. This includes watches, dangling earrings, etc.
  15. All subs for both teams should line the sidelines in between fields to help retrieve loose balls. This helps especially when small fields are next to each other with little room in between.
  16. Spectators a very much welcome at games. We ask that spectators refrain from speaking to the referees or players from opposing teams and focus on cheering their own team. We also ask spectators to sit on the sidelines opposite the subs.
  17. Absolutely NO DOGS, NO FOOD, NO ALCOHOL, AND NO TOBACCO at any of our Public or Private School Fields. If you have a service animal, you can talk to the schools directly. We will not allow any dogs unless the school grants permission. This is not our rule, it is a rule imposed on us.
  18. ALL players should wear shirts provided by ZogSports or have team uniforms. If not wearing a ZogSports shirt then please wear the same color as your team. Any player wearing a color similar or the same as an opponent will not be allowed to play.
  19. HAVE FUN!! That’s the whole point!

Tie breakers for playoffs/seedings

1. Total number of points
2. Head-to-head competition
3. If team forfeited, loses tie breaker if other tiebreaker rules don’t resolve seeding
4. Record against other teams in or tied for playoffs (winning percentage – i.e., 0-1 is same as 0-2, but 1-3 is better than 0-1)
5. Number of wins
6. Record against next best common opponent
7. Coin toss


ZogSports offers two ways to check if your game is on or rained out:1. Primary – The online schedule will be updated to list games as postponed2. Secondary – Weather Alert Hotline at (332) 213-9023 (

We will post rainout information as soon as possible, but will not call a game too early to make sure weather doesn’t change.


To forfeit, please fill out this form.

Forfeits ruin the experience for everyone. ZogSports exists to give you an opportunity to play and build community and forfeiting is a huge bummer. If your team absolutely needs to forfeit, you must let us know in advance so we can contact your opponent so that they don’t unnecessarily travel to the gym/field.

If you do not inform us of a forfeit your team could face penalties in your league’s standings. Once ZogSports is notified of your forfeit, it is final (you cannot change your mind) and the other team will be notified.

CODE OF CONDUCT: The Participant’s Code of Conduct applies to all ZogSports participants. You can access the ZogSports Participant’s Code of Conduct HERE.

Markets: San Jose