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Join ZogSports' soccer leagues in Los Angeles, where the passion for soccer meets the joy of playing on an adult recreational soccer team. Our leagues offer a diverse range of formats, from 6 on 6 and 7 on 7 outdoor soccer in Hollywood and Playa Vista to 8 on 8 matches on the Westside and competitive play that amps up the excitement. Whether you're looking for a friendly match on a weeknight or a competitive game on the weekend, our adult soccer leagues cater to all levels of skill. On the Westside, players enjoy the incredible fields at Santa Monica College. Hollywood's 6 on 6 games are ideal for teams looking for a dynamic play experience, while Playa Vista offers both casual and competitive 7 on 7 matches in a comfortable setting. Joining a ZogSports soccer league is more than just playing the beautiful game. It's about becoming part of a soccer community that loves to play as much as you do. Whether you're a competitive soccer player, or just a weekend casual enthusiast, you'll love playing with your soccer team in Playa Vista, Hollywood, and on the Westside.

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